About Us

Supporting Health Across the Community

Our community has needs that we can address more efficiently if we connect, contribute, communicate and collaborate more effectively, which is exactly what this project is designed to do.

Almost every issue in the community affects our health.   This project began as part of the J. C Blair Health System Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Plan for our county and is growing to be a movement empowering our people and organizations to work together as a force for health for each other.

The Huntingdon County Leadership Team 

Dr. Rob Gillio

Director of Population Health Innnovation      

Chris Gildea

Director of Marketing & Communication

Prof. Sarah Worley

Director Community Project Based Learning 

From the Commissioners

"We like the concept and the vision and support and encourage your efforts to advance the health of our residents by augmenting our services with a volunteer Force for Health set of activities." 

- Commissioner Scott Walls, shared in conversation with Dr. Gillio